Project List

Chartway Federal Credit Union
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Chartway Federal Credit Union
Houston, Texas - 5 locations

Unisource Distribution Warehouse Remodeling
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania for Western Devcon Inc.

Clubhouse & Reservation Building
Mustang Island, Texas for Power & Sons Developers

Certified Restoration Office & Warehouse Facility
Houston, Texas

Golf Cart Barn
Mustang Island, Texas for Prairie Dog Golfers

Mustang Island Beach House
Mustang Island, Texas for Power & Sons Developers

Mustang Island Cottages & Bungalows
Mustang Island, Texas

Brady's Landing Restaurant Remodeling
Houston, Texas - for Specialty Restaurants Inc.

Shaw Office Building
Houston, Texas

CNH Global Management Office
Lake Forest, Illinois for CNH - Case New Holland Corp.

Finn Power International Office Building
Arlington Heights, Illinois

Toney Construction Shop & Warehouse
Houston, Texas

Toney Construction Utility Storage Building
Houston, Texas

Toney Construction Services Office Building
Houston, Texas

Shepherd's Uniform & Linen Supply Office & Warehouse Facility
Houston, Texas

Case Corporation Dealership Renovation
San Benito, Texas

Case Corporation Warehouse Renovation
Memphis, Tennessee

Tenneco Realty Inc. Headquarters Relocation
Houston, Texas

Tenneco Inc. Area Real Estate Summary
Newport News, Virginia

Micro Center Site Analysis
Houston, Texas

The Burlington Apartment Renovation
Houston, Texas

Case Corporation Wash Pads & Water Discharge Installations
23 Locations: TX, NE, NY, NJ, WY, VA, KS, GA, IA, TN

Maxwell Residence Construction Management & Site Design
Houston, Texas

Case Corporation Main Office Renovation & Boardroom
Racine, Wisconsin

Case Corporation Maintenance Facility
Racine, Wisconsin

Case Corporation Service Training Facility Addition
Racine, Wisconsin

Case Corporation Service Computer Facility Addition
Racine, Wisconsin

Case Corporation Meeting Center & Master Plan Study
Racine, Wisconsin

Case Corporation HQ Campus Landscape & Site Improvements
Racine, Wisconsin

Case Corporation Conference Center Study
Racine, Wisconsin

Case Corporation Worldwide Technology Center Renovation
Burr Ridge/Chicago, Illinois

Case Corporation ASRS Building Demolition
Horn Lake/Memphis, Mississippi

Tenneco Realty Inc. Post Oak Park Architectural Control Committee
Houston, Texas

E-Z Serve Corporation Retail Store Remodeling
4 Locations: TX

E-Z Serve Corporation Standard CAD Plans for Pump Island & UST
Houston, Texas

Tenneco Business Services Headquarters Relocation
The Woodlands, Texas

E-Z Serve Corporation New Retail Store
Franklin, Tennessee

Tenneco Packaging Headquarters Relocation Analysis
Evanston/Chicago, Illinois

Tenneco Packaging “SPG” Group Relocation
Deerfield/Chicago, Illinois

Tenneco Packaging “CLM” Relocation
Northbrook/Chicago, Illinois

Case Corporation Credit-Corporation Relocation
Racine, Wisconsin

Case Corporation Dining Room Addition
Mt. Pleasant, Wisconsin

Case Corporation Office Remodeling
Racine, Wisconsin

Case Corporation Aviation Hangar
Kenosha, Wisconsin

Texana Machinery Dealership Remodeling
San Antonio, Texas

Texana Machinery Dealership Remodeling
Austin, Texas

BFI Business Services
Houston, Texas

BFI Area Business Centers
Atlanta, Georgia - Toronto, Canada - Buffalo, New York